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Smudge Without Smoke Essential Oil Blend UPGRADE

Smudge Without Smoke Essential Oil Blend UPGRADE

An amazing proprietary blend 100% Pure Essential Oils in a MCT Coconut Oil base created to plug your own "Inner Current" into Universal Source Energy to clear away the negativity and properly cleanse your energetic self. If you find yourself always picking up the "yick" from others this WILL help you!
TheFae has been asked for energetic cleansings all over Canada for years, and although she loved visiting also knew there had to be a better, less expensive way for her clients to get rid of unwanted energies or entities that did not belong. Channeling the information with the help of her faeries and Arch Angels(yes they worked together!) the Smudge Without Smoke recipe was created using the power of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit! Use the rollerball to protect your energy from unwanted negativity!

This UPGRADE has a natural amethyst gemstone rollerball and Auralite23 tumbled chips in the bottle! A great 👍 refillable rollerbottle that will clear itself always!
    C$29.95 Regular Price
    C$14.98Sale Price
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