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Your Guide to Finding the Best Spiritual Coach for YOU!

Finding a spiritual guide, mentor or coach is a daunting task. Whaaat? Not at all, if you know what to look for and what questions to ask, to make sure you find the perfect fit, for as long as it fits perfectly. Read that again. Your coach or guide won't be with you forever, nor should they! They are simply your next stepping stone to your journey. Read that again too! Your guide or coach should never make you feel like they are trying to stuff your square peg into their round hole! It's YOUR journey and the best coaches will be there to listen and guide you to what you need that is in your best interest. Not theirs or their pocketbooks.

For instance, in my personalized coaching programs, I always do a brief consultation first, for free of course. After all, I am interviewing you just as you should be interviewing me. I have three separate programs so that I can fill most clients' needs and we figure out where you need to start together. We can start with a "Getting Your Life in Order" life coaching 6-week program which helps you sort out traumas that need to be released and self-esteem that needs to be reclaimed, then step into a Universal Magick's Spiritual 6-week coaching program for those wishing to learn what I believe, write and speak about and the in's and out's of Universal Magick including all 6 sacred baths, and finally, a Spiritual Business 6-week program which helps you create a business doing what you love and all that entails from helping you design a proper logo to the difference between a corporation and a sole proprietorship and which is best for what you want to do along with helping you learn how to "do the social media giants the easy and effective way".

Believe me, I am certainly not for everyone as I have a bit of a rough edge and my f-bombs tend to turn a few people away and that is A-OK! Sometimes my keeping it real is, for some, a little too edgy! We need to make sure that we fit. That we like each other. That our vibes don't collide! That I can teach you what you wish to learn. That you are ready to take your next step in your spiritual evolution... with me or with someone else. That our views on our core ideas and ideologies can mesh, and mix and create a spark within you to keep seeking, otherwise, I will happily give you suggestions as to who may be a better fit.

So I bet that one of the things you think is important is your new mentors' certifications?

Yes and no. Why? Yes because if they are teaching you something specific based on the guidelines of centuries before then they should be able to show that they have studied it. Reiki, for instance, should be taught by certified Reiki Masters with the appropriate number of Masters practice hours in just like a qualified massage therapist must have his/her practicum completed. And no because certifications are only as good as the paper they are written on. Some are better than others and some really do not matter at all. I have many certifications and I don't teach anything that I learned in any of them! I actually Un-teach most of what is still being taught around the world! Life has caused most of what I was certified in to be the opposite of what I teach now so just how important are those pretty framed certificates now? I am happy to show you my Reiki Master, my Master of Wicca and my Dr. of Metaphysics certificates though I do not teach you those things anyway as that is not what resonates with me anymore. If your new mentor can relate to you and the issues that are blocking you from finding your spark, and I mean really relate because they have actually been there, done that and moved through the same obstacles, then that knowledge is far more important than any piece of paper. Don't you think?

So how about their continued learning? I always ask people what they expect of me and that always initially leaves them baffled. Well, should you not expect me to continue to learn new things so that I may then pass this knowledge on to you? I try to keep up on everything from the newest craze on Instagram to the best way to print a business card and I always have at least one coach or mentor that I am learning from! Why? Because that is my job and my responsibility to you, my client. If your coach doesn't have a coach you should RUN not walk away! Only those that think they know it all wouldn't think they need to keep learning! Right? Ask the hard question! Do you have a coach? What did you learn today that can help me tomorrow? They had better have an answer that you feel confident in.

Ok, so now you know who you are looking for. Take a deep breath and step into your new journey! The right person for you could be the very next person you meet. (Heck it could even be me!) Take your time, feel them out, set up a consultation and make sure they are the right fit for you, right now. It's in your best interest to find someone who not only helps you heal and to grow but also pushes you gently out of your own way. You've got this!

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